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Do you have YEARS of industry experience, yet no one really knows who you are?

Did a bit of life happen and now you REALLY have to start showing up for yourself in new ways?

These days, in order to stand out from others with similar skills and services,  you need to be more than a good communicator and team player. 

If you are not clear about the TRANSFORMATION you bring, you could waste YEARS as custom made opportunities pass you by and go to the less qualified!

Let’s stop that from happening.

Here at Solutions by Amelia, as your Visibility Expert, I help you get VISIBLE, and distinguish yourself as the “Go-To” expert in your Industry.

Allow me to be your guide from being unknown to becoming unstoppable!

What does this mean?

This means that I work with you to get peace of mind about how to effectively communicate your MIND BLOWING value and secure new invitations to new rooms with influential people who are looking for JUST the special thing you offer!

How does visibility coaching work?

Together we co-create a tailor made DAILY marketing and visibility plan.

Yes, that means everyday you will be reminding someone that you exist and are ready to help.

What’s in it for me?

In short, everything. By deciding to become an effective communicator of your own value, story and influence, you get to have the priceless gift of confidence and clarity around what you have to offer.

Once you are clear on your own value, your mind will be open to new possibilities and you will quickly get to the next level in your career, business and other professional relationships.

Do people really get paid for their sharing their knowledge and expertise?

Yes! Please review the stories of people I found from the internet who have decided make their expertise work for them.

Beyond my internet friends from above, here are several real life examples of people whom I have personally helped.

If you are open to it, and ready to make a DECISION to make this year different, I would like to work with you to move from analysis paralysis into focused, specific and strategic action.


How Do I Help?

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Does this sound familiar:

You have years of experience, yet you do not really know if you have any value outside of your current circle of people who already know you?


You know that order to get new opportunities outside of what you already have, you need to be seen and meet new people, yet JUST the idea of pitching yourself all day makes you want to curl up and take a nap?

If either case sounds familiar, let’s chat!

I use a simple and easy to use process that will turn scattered visibility ideas into implementable actions that develop real life profitable relationships!

As a natural born connector and human potential optimizer by trade, I KNOW there are people and organizations who need to know about your expertise.

It is it my goal to support others on their journey in unlocking their potential, while getting a full nights sleep.

My goal is to help busy professionals THRIVE: mind, body and business.

- Amelia Roberts

Visibility Expert

I help professionals win dream opportunities by developing and leveraging strategic partnerships.

Client Testimonials

Dina Shepard.png
OMG. Thank you very much. You don’t know just how valuable your help is for me. No one has provided suggestions other than keep calling nursing homes. I am very grateful. Thanking God for favor.
— CB