Solutions By Amelia
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Do you have YEARS of experience, yet no one really knows who you are or how you can help them?

Did a bit of life happen and now you REALLY have to start showing up for yourself in new ways?

If you are anything like millions of other professionals, you may feel unsettled in the midst of this rapidly changing work landscape.

Related, a change in financial circumstances or a shift in the ability to do the work that you used to do, may have changed what was supposed to be a “forever” career.

Let’s face it, this sort of change can be scary!

When we are in this space, fear can kick in leaving us paralyzed and stuck in a less than ideal situation.

Allow me to be your guide from being stuck to opening your eyes to new opportunities!

Here at Solutions by Amelia, I help people get VISIBLE, so that they can start securing tailor made opportunities that would otherwise go to the less qualified.

I resolve the pain that results from seeing these opportunities slip away from you and go people who do not have the expertise you have, just because no one really knows about you and your acquired industry knowledge.

I work to give you peace of mind about how to effectively convey your MIND BLOWING value in order to secure invitations to new rooms with influential people who are looking for JUST the special thing that only you can offer!

Becoming an effective communicator of your own value, story and influence, gives you the confidence to take yourself to the next level, whether you are in business, in a career or in a relationship.

If you don’t think this is possible for you, please review the stories of people I found from the internet who have decided make their expertise work for them.

Beyond my internet friends from above, here are several real life examples of people whom I have personally helped.

If you are open to it, and ready to make a DECISION to make this year different, I would like to work with you to move from analysis paralysis into focused, specific and strategic action.


How Do I Help?

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We have a serious problem!

Many people are doing work that others do not value like they should.

Are you working with a manager who is less than supportive of your ideas?

Or maybe you have clients, but they do not appreciate your hard work?

If either case sounds familiar, let’s chat!

I use a simple and easy to use process that will turn ideas into income!

As a natural born multi-passionate connector and entrepreneur of a several years, I KNOW there are people and organizations who need to know about your expertise.

It is it my goal to support others on their journey in unlocking their potential, while getting a full nights sleep.

My goal is to help busy professionals THRIVE: mind, body and business.

Client Testimonials

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OMG. Thank you very much. You don’t know just how valuable your help is for me. No one has provided suggestions other than keep calling nursing homes. I am very grateful. Thanking God for favor.
— CB