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In my Healthcare role, finding credible information for my audience was difficult. Though a lot of trial and error, I realized that people who offered amazing services were in one place, yet people who needed said services were in another place!

I started Solutions by Amelia with the purpose of using Social Media as a medium to match businesses with people who need their services. I find this “matching” is best done by strategically building Brand Awareness and establishing Thought Leadership.  




I work to make sure your messages reach your target audience. I am passionate about ensuring Professionals stay relevant in a rapidly changing Social Media landscape.

I aim to make your Brand stand out from the online chatter.



Your message will be heard when you stand out from the crowd and speak directly to the audience who needs your services.

You are in the right place if:

You are unsure if your target audience hears you

You know what you want to say

You are unsure how to best be heard

If this is you keep reading…

In a short time more people will know about your professional knowledge and expertise.

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