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Twitter reminded me that today is World Mental Health Day! This year’s goals is to raise awareness about Mental Health support in the Workplace.  Related to promoting calm, I recently shifted a few things in my business with the goal of helping people do Entrepreneurship the Healthy Way. When I became a business owner, I saw a TON of unhealthy habits creep into my Life. As a nurse seeing first hand how easy it is to adopt unhealthy habits, was a turning point for me. While I am still offering service-based solutions, I am slowly shifting to focus to holistically supporting professionals and their work life. With this years theme of Mental Health in the workplace, I want to share something that has supported me as well as others in creating an environment that promotes creativity, productivity and focus: Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is not just for the spa anymore: Aromatherapy has gained popularity in offices as a robust solution for relieving stress and managing anxiousness in customers and workers alike. It is also used for increasing productivity and mood upliftment during tense meetings.

Essential oils such as Lavender or sage can bring soothing calmness to mind, Mandarin or Geranium can help balance the mood, while peppermint increases concentration, focus, and productivity. Several oils have the ability to control fear, tension, stress, and mental fatigue.

Aromatherapy can be used in the office through an easy to use diffuser. The vaporizer or diffuser requires only a few drops of one essential oil, or a combination of essential oils. This method is an affordable, simple, and safe way of increasing performance at work and relieving tension and creating a productive work environment.

Create Spaces for Enhanced Productivity and Focus

There are specific oils that can instantly support your bandwidth. Below are some of the oils that will help you get the important things done so that you can have a more fulfilling life experience.

  1.  Highest Potential™: Without a sense of direction, we start our day on the wrong footing.  Highest Potential™ is an inspiring blend that can be diffused while planning for the next day. It will inspire and help create plans that will assist you to reach your potential.
  2. Citrus Fresh™ is a sunny scent that helps to create pleasant mornings. An early morning diffusion of Citrus Fresh™ will get you off to a great start for the day, thereby setting you up for a productive and fulfilling day.
  3.  Brain Power™ is an essential oil blend which can be diffused to provide increased focus and sense of clarity needed to tackle the tasks that matter most.
  4.  Surrender™ essential oil blend can be inhaled to help prevent emotions that can reduce your productivity.
  5. En-R-Gee™ or Jade Lemon™ are two powerful blends of essential oils that can help to reinvigorate you after spending much time on a task. If you need to take a break after a long period battling a task, these essential oil blends are perfect.
  6. Lavender is an essential oil that can be diffused to achieve a calm state of mind. It helps you reprioritize and adjust your day in line with current realities, resulting in a more productive use of your time.
  7.  Stress Away™ is a potent essential oil that helps you to relax and reflect. Apply it to your wrists before introspecting on how productive you were during the day. It helps you to evaluate your actions and make plans on how to achieve greater productivity.

Are you or your staff feeling stuck, irritable or overwhelmed?  

Life is full of many ups and downs, and this can be hard to a lot of people. People can get irritable, stuck and overwhelmed by the challenges they face every day.

Essential oils have the power to bring calmness to mind and tranquility to our days.

While Essential Oils are readily available via many companies, after researching farming, sourcing, processing and more, the Seed to Seal promise lead me to choose Young Living. Take a look at the video below:



If you are open to learning more about how aromatherapy can enhance your work life, feel free to reach out to me directly amelia(at) or take a look at my Young Living store:


What helps you recover from a rough workday? I've love to hear what supports you have found to be helpful!

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