Social Media Strategy Mistakes to Avoid Pain Point: Strategy Workflow


Content Workflow Several months ago I wrote a LinkedIn Post on the topic of Social Media Strategy Mistakes to avoid. You can find the original article here. Since that time I have worked with a few more clients and have more learnings to share. Below is my March 2017 edition ( yes, I do plan on revisiting this topic frequently) of Social Media Strategy mistakes to avoid. I'd love your thoughts on areas you have found to be challenging

What is your Workflow?

Content is as great as the folks who are producing said content. Content Producers are as great has their fact checking, sourcing abilities and other support they have to be awesome. Start-up companies have this role married to a million other roles. It can become a quickly complicated marriage.  The main folks who are contributing work are also doing a TON of other important things. Content can easily take a back seat. What can help? For me it was Accountability. This year I finally found an Accountability team that is keeping me honest to my planned Content workflow. Setting aside time to my produce content ( not paid) has been hard when I get to produce content for others ( paid time). I had been starting off all Client interactions by saying, “Do as I say, not as I do”...all the while hoping that the holders of my Social Audience ( specifically LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram ) never shut down. Was this your plan too? If so, let’s change together. While taking my own advice is hard, having a workflow has been super helpful.

Workflows- Making it last forever... or until the next iteration

I will not share what works for me as it won’t work for you. I say this with confidence. Workflows are specific to the person who is doing the work. It’s that simple. Ideally, there are Content Requestors, Approvers, Producers, Graphic Designers, Media Planners, Editors and Content Promoters...if this sounds like a Magazine Publishing house, good! Welcome to the Content Publishing Business! This may seem daunting yet please look at the good side, there is a decades-old publishing process in place. This process looks a bit different when applied to the digital world, yet fear not! Be happy that there is a defined and tested process in place.

Now as far as how that Process will look for you and your company, that is where the fun comes in! You get to decide what works best for the resources you have available. If you would like to have a quick chat about considerations for your content workflow, shoot me an email: amelia at solutions by amelia dot com.