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How to get started when you don't know where to start  

It's so easy for the entrepreneurial at heart to feel that they are in a constant state of being behind. Our thoughts often race faster than our actions can keep up. Because of this, it's hard to actually implement anything that will leave proof of our amazing ideas. #Ironic.  This feeling can make just getting started on business endeavors seem almost impossible for my fellow multi-passionate brethren. Today, I want to share with you past win that may help you look at your ever-changing "launch date" in a new way.  

Last year I presented  several times at  local organizations about how to to use Social Media for CRM use and rapid Professional Development. These organizations were not HUGE,  yet it's a beginning. This was my start. Yet please note, that I am a registered nurse by background. It's a long story but for various reasons, I feel strongly about leveraging platforms to widely disseminate helpful information and establish thought leadership, feel free to check out a letter to the editor on a related topic. Back to social media,  I started learning about this skill as a way to earn extra money to pay off student loans. Details of that story is over at my other blog, the Business of Nursing

Where Will You Start?

I picked social media management as a side hustle because it was easy to get started and I have already seen success with this for myself and others. I first learn of virtual assistants some time ago and share about this in a blog post,  here. Social media management was something I had liked to do for free. Please note, Social media Management is not my end game. It is a means to get to the end, which for me is to have more time freedom. In short, if you are wondering where to start, always think about what comes easy for you.

Think about what others are always asking you to do for them. They have a need you fill. Think about how you best can serve people. Think about what you are always volunteering to do for others, when you volunteer, it is usually because you see a need you want to fill. When you get to a state seeing needs, and feeling your ideal client's pain, you will start to readily know that you can solve that pain for them. The next step, after this realization is speaking to how you can help take their pain away. When done well and with practice, this final step is a natural and enjoyable conversation.  After reading this, can you start to see how you could get started in relation to your business idea? Once you more clearly see how you can get started, you may start to wonder about who you will talk to about the problem you solve.  

Where is Everyone?

How do you find people to talk to? The best way to start with this,  is doing simple Market Research. Ask yourself:  Where are your prospective clients naturally gathering? What blogs are they reading, who are they following online? What events are they attending in the community? Thanks to social media, you can easily find the answers to these questions and learn of what challenges your audience finds to be most painful. You may even be able to find people who will complete a quick survey for you. I hope what I just shared will be helpful for you.

While the above seems straightforward, it took me well over TEN years to start to put any of this into action. I have grappled with seriously paralyzing mindset issues and limiting beliefs for years. I daily work on keeping a positive mindset. Besides working on developing a positive mind,  I did have an army of people who supported me through this process. It could be a great idea to start to develop your support network if not already. "Going at it alone" in business is a myth. Please read more about The Myth of the Successful One-Person Business.   If you need support translating these suggestions into your business, you may need to reach out to someone for support. I am always happy to have a quick call with my readers. 

Comparison is the of Joy and TIME!

What delayed me in JUST simply getting started by YEARS was looking at loved ones who were doing very well, looking at my nursing school education, and wanting my START to look like their END result. Comparing ourselves to others is not too bright, yet it is just SO easy to spend much time looking at what others are doing. I only recently figured out that staying in "research mode" was holding me back. If you are in a start where you have not yet started, think about reaching out for support. I only  very recently started gaining momentum...and this was only done with help, and lots of it. I am starting to lose track of the coaching programs that have helped me get to the point of just starting. 

This does not have to be you. If you are open to having a quick 15-minute call with me, please choose a time here. I hope something hear helped you see your launch date a bit more clearly.  


If you wish to learn more about the help I received, please join a Facebook Group with my favorite coach of all, Renee Hughes. The group is called The Business of Oils and we discuss how Business Wellness and Worklife Wellness can happily co-exist.  

“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”  Arthur Ashe

If you are working on your business ( and I hope so)  I'd love to know about it. What are you up to today?