What Being Homeschooled Taught Me About Business

To be clear, I am not a homeschooling mom. I am an auntie and a pediatric nurse. It’s safe to say kids are my life. No kiddos just yet, but when they do come, we have already decided to homeschool them. My connection with homeschooling goes back 20 years to when my mom chose to homeschool me. Fall is a special time of year for me. It’s a time to start on new spiritual and personal goals and look at areas of growth in all parts of life.  As we are approaching the Fall, I wanted to share how my past experience has a homeschooler has helped my various entrepreneurial side hustles.

Entrepreneurship is a Real Career Path

As a homeschooler, I spent a lot of time in a Bible volunteer work with one particular person, Augustine Young, who earned their living via direct sales or network marketing. They did VERY well for themselves and, in fact, their entire family was involved! As a homeschooler, I learned that business can be a happy family affair. In watching Augustine as my 14-year-old self,  I saw that authentically talking with people, discovering their needs and learning how you best can serve and support them was a viable career option. She showed me that having authentic conversations and offering permission-based solutions was a viable way to earn a living.  It took over 10 years but I am now incorporating this type of income-generating activity into my life. I am THRILLED that I have found a company which allows me to support people in their home, in their office, in their fitness studio or wherever they are. Fitting in the mold of 9-5 school days or work days is not a requirement to be successful.  

Everything is Learnable

I remember starting a course on a tough subject and wondering, “How will I ever get to the end of this? How will I ever learn all of this?” With the help and support of someone with the right expertise, I discovered anything is learnable. We learned how to go through our network of people who know us and find our helpers.

As I started in the business world I discovered that this value of finding adequate help still holds true. If I'm trying to learn how to create sales funnel for a client or I'm trying to optimize Facebook Ads, there is a wealth of information out there to help me do so. There are also experts who can guide me through the process.  Anything is learnable. As a business owner, take inventory of people who are connected to you. Think about how you can support them, which makes it easier for them to say “yes” to your request for support.

Multi-passionate With a Purpose

As homeschoolers, we had certain times when my mom allowed us to pursue any study or go to the library and research anything we desired. This could be the latest food trends or it could be gardening topics or how to make your own beauty products. We were encouraged to research to our heart's content. We were taught to pursue a variety of interests with a goal. The goal for one of these projects was to learn something that could help support our bigger “Why.” For our family, are bigger Why was our Global – Multi-Language Bible education work. That is still my Why and the main reason I am trying so many side hustles. I really want to see what could be my main thing and would allow me to have more time for my volunteer work. While many say there is a need to “niche down” it’s okay to have a variety of interests.

Accountability Matters

As business owners, it is easy to be in business yet have a calendar full of missed personal deadlines. Putting the needs of others ahead of our own business is just all too easy. When I was a homeschooler, I goofed around so much that I missed out on having a summer vacation. #Lifelesson. The missing out on a summer break gave me a crystal clear reason of why accountability and responsibility matters. As a business owner, I have a team of people who help keep me accountable for a variety of business objectives.

Control Your Environment

It seems people like to say they are an introvert these days. Being an introvert seems to be presently on trend.  I will also say I'm an introvert, as well but I'm the introvert type who would take school lunch in middle school library. My mom noticed patterns of absences, illnesses and personality traits when I was in school and decided that it would be best for me to be given control of my environment. Once I had control of my environment, through homeschooling, I could choose who I was around and when I was around them. I was able to prepare to be around people as events and activities were largely planned. Once I learned a coping mechanism after unplanned events with people, I flourished. With that said, I recently planned an ill-advised Chicago to DC to Philly trip in less than 24 hours and I'm still recovering!!  But thanks to my time as a homeschooler, I know how to recover, I know how to take control of my environment.

Healthy Entrepreneurship

Homeschooling taught me that there is a healthy way to work at home as a business owner. I spend a lot of time in my home and there's a lot of opportunities to make a variety of choices that will improve my creativity and focus. Recently I've been learning about how to take control of my home office environment in a new way. I am learning about how to decrease the number of chemicals in my environment by means of using essential oils for cleaning and many other uses. Productivity sessions are being created with specific essential oils for aromatherapy. I wish my mom knew how to create a focused environment back when I was home schooling. I wish she had known about the uses of frankincense and peppermint when I was a kid. These and other blends would definitely have supported my learning. We live, we learn, we get Oily ;). What makes up for that is, I'm having SO much fun teaching others about how to improve the environment of their home/office by use of essential oils.


What Homeschooling Taught me as a Business Owner

Homeschooling taught me so many things that are supporting my role as a business owner that I can't name all the ways here. The BEST thing Homeschooling taught me is that anything is learnable. This point was reinforced when I became a nurse. My preceptor, the person who trained me as a new nurse, told me that if any human can do it, you can do it .So when it comes to learning marketing or learning about sales and Business Development or creating systems and processes to support your business, know that if I can learn it, so can you.  I'm open for a conversation. I would love to let you know what I am up to now and why I am pursuing entrepreneurship the healthy way. Please use this scheduling link if would like to further our conversation.

Are You Ready to Take a Look?

If you are interested in giving Entrepreneurship a try for yourself or as homeschool project ( your child must be 16 years of age) , let’s talk. Seriously. From what I have seen, the easiest ( and cheapest) way to see if you have what it takes to earn by serving others is via a reputable, no hype, no spam direct sales company. Let’s learn how to find your inner value and let others know how you can help them. It is risky to trust in being paid to show up and clock- in. Job security is a myth. This sort of dollars for hours type of work can cause some to undervalue their personal worth and to link their personal value to a facility.  Linking one's value to a physical place can make unexpected job changes especially difficult to manage.  For what I have seen, facility based employment simply does not require you to search deep, find your value, then search out others who can benefit from your Gifts.

I realized that Business is about relationships based on serving and educating others. I partnered with a good friend Renee Hughes who is a full-time volunteer,  and a company that owns it's own Farms, Young Living. Sourcing matters for us, and this has been an excellent addition on my life.  I chose Young Living to help me learn about Entrepreneurship for many other reasons, namely their business model is based on improving the lives of others.  If you would like to learn more about how to explore a kinder, less intrusive form of business  I would love to hear from you!  Here is more information about the Young Living, here ( income discourse) and here.( 5:07min video) .

Or if you would simply like to hear more about taking control of your environment by experiencing natural living, let’s get started, simply reference Sponsor+ Enroller 4126038 !  As a registered nurse, I love teaching families how to be ready for life’s hiccups in a more natural way. Please reach out by email Amelia ( at)solutions byamelia.com to continue this conversation! 

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