6 Actionable Social Media Tips



Everyone seems to want more exposure these days. That's a reasonable expectation. Yet, getting more eyeballs on your product or service is only part of what leads to a sale. Being ready for more sales is an important consideration as well. Some businesses are not structurally ready to support additional clients. Meanwhile, rarely there is a single factor that leads a prospect to book an appointment or hit "'buy now". In fact, larger brands know that multiple touches are what leads to a lasting relationship. This is why having a content workflow is important. I was at a networking event where a hair stylist said that a client is not considered a true customer until their 12 visit to his chair. Small business owners are finding that in order to stand out in the social media landscape, they must create an emotional connection with their audience. How can this be done?

There are many ways to enhance customer experience.In short, social media for business development is key. Remember that in its early days, the main use of Facebook was as a communication tool. I grew up using social media as a way to develop relationships. Thanks to this medium, companies can now relay their brand personality/ promise and build relationships. This is a golden opportunity that is relatively inexpensive. As a professional, my use of social media resembles business relationship development more so than overt advertising. Sharing this take on social media with others is super exciting. I was honored when Houri Tamizifar invited me to share my expertise with her group at the August Women's Entrepreneur Form. You can find our more about Houri and her company by going here.  Below are six actionable tips I hope you use today.


Are your buyers here? If so, this is a great way to develop relationships with your audience! Many have built their entire business on Instagram alone.

What works?

Tip #1 Hashtags. Hashtags act as magnets that can draw your ideal client. When used well, Hashtags will let you build the exact audience you want, providing there is attractive audience relevant content attached to the hashtag.  A good set of 30 hashtags will net ~10 followers per post. Please note, I post a few times a month, this is not the recommended practice for Instagram growth. #notjudgementzone

Tip #2 All About That Bio

With Instagram especially, your Bio is very important. You can make this more functional with  https://linktr.ee

Social Media Made Easier - Automate!

Tip #3 This is a video that describes Likeable Local . This service will automatically select highly engaging social media post, upload these to your social media profiles, and boost each Facebook post, hands-free! I am a partner with them, please shoot me an email if you or anyone you know would like to learn more: amelia(at) solutionsbyamelia.com

Facebook Group Marketing 

Tip #4 Facebook is home to over two Billion people. Odds are your next buyer is here, even if you are in the B2B world. Like any form of Marketing, it's best to know best practices, have a plan and measures of success before diving right in and experimenting. Marketing is a Science. This is a helpful post on Facebook Group Marketing

Who Will Implement All of This? Get Help!

Tip #5 Fiverr and  ( Tip #6) Upwork were each mentioned as a great way to find freelancers for anything from social media support to business development help. With Fiverr, try to select people who have 200+ reviews. Generally, Virtual support reflects your familiarity with your processes. Yet I am always open for a quick call.

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