Best Practices Of Speakers who Leverage Their Knowledge and Expertise

When did you first see that your knowledge and expertise was needed in the marketplace?

Neesy Croft ND, RN FNP-r MBA/MHA : In 2009 I retired myself and my businesses only to return after hearing the word legacy. When I returned there was an influx of women entrepreneurs and they were constantly starting different businesses unsuccessfully. I started having that “conversations” with these women and the more we talked the more that I could see the commonality in what they wanted their business to look like.. I call it bringing clarity to the chaotic entrepreneurial mindset. After having this conversation it was easy to pick out that one seed that would be planted that they would give birth to what I call their biz baby, their Passion2Profit Business.

Kelli Pavlish, APRN - NP, BC : 5 years ago

Joyce Fiodembo, RN: When I wrote my first book in 2013 & got a lot of requests from people wanting to learn how to self-publish.

Renee Matthews MD : Since the beginning of time.

Toni L Brown, MS, M Ed: About 4 years ago (and still today), I notice people in the online business community, telling people what they need to grow their business with courses or information products but not telling them how to do it so I created Creating Your Classroom a complete online course creation system.  My main focus is to get content clarity for the right audience to gain more of your market.

Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI-R, FACW, FAAN, CSP : I was working 100 hours weekly, 3 countries per week when I missed a family event. I had an "aha" moment and knew that I needed to get a life.

Pegine MSW, CSP, Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame : 30+ years ago I was fascinated by how organizations helped or hindered women and minorities to senior ranks and how women and minorities helped or hindered themselves from reaching senior ranks. I've sought solutions and demonstrated results for over 30 years. I learned from my military contracts techniques for women to prepare, and practice for high risk/high value scenarios so they have the confidence, influence and the charisma to lead and succeed.

Gerald DuBose : I noticed the challenge people had in communicating many years ago. I would be out at different events and witnessed the struggle people would have in explaining what they do. I would go to a meeting or listen to a pitch for funding, the struggle that some of these great innovators had trying to communicate how their ideas would create a better world was very sad.

Gernae Alexander author | keynote | strategist : I present two separate solutions; (1) Speaking for profit for entrepreneur audiences, and (2) achievement through courageous action for corporate and general audiences.

  1. With speaking, I saw that there was a need to be filled when I felt the lack of authenticity in trying to adapt strategies that either didn't suit my strengths, presented huge learning curves, or required too much reliance on technology for my liking. I noticed that this issue was the same for other entrepreneurs as well, so I set out to create a strategy to remedy it. There aren't enough entrepreneurs in this space and many professionals don't believe speaking is an option. Once I’m able to help listeners make the necessary mindset shifts they need to reveal the value of speech and it’s fluidity, then we’re able to make strides towards meeting and exceeding their financial metrics.

  2. I noticed most people are taught that confidence is what they need to be successful and that fear is false evidence appearing real. But fear is a real experience that impacts us psychologically, physiologically, situationally, and based on our skills and experiences. Confidence is important, but false confidence isn’t effective. Activating courage through taking action produces confidence and leads to achievement.

Kevin McFarlane : My current passion is nursing leadership. I find that new nurse leaders do not get much education and support before stepping into a leadership position and even after.

As a speaker, coach, trainer, facilitator, what problem do you solve for meeting and/or education planners?

Neesy Croft ND, RN FNP-r MBA/MHA : Speaking from the stage, my goal is to show them how to tap into that entrepreneurial visionary mindset and pull out the real Why behind all the various business failures and identity the commonalities that they have and identify the seed that will unite all the various businesses ideas and plant it.

Kelli Pavlish, APRN - NP, BC : I help other providers see that traditional medicine with traditional laboratory testing isn't enough to successfully screen and treat their patients.

Joyce Fiodembo, RN: Setting Goals by Visualization: Can help employees become more motivated because they will see their role in the company in a different light . Stress Management will produce better employees

Renee Matthews MD : If people do not have their health they have nothing else.

Toni L Brown, MS, M Ed: I help my clients get crystal clear on the content they should include in their course or learning program, while they run their business and/or work their 9-5. This process includes support materials, engagement tactics, and activities that reinforce the learning.  All of this leads to a quality product and boost the confidence of you, the instructor. The purpose of my program is to help you get organized so you can design and launch your course in record time. I also share ways to automate services to free up time in your day-to-day operations.

Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI-R, FACW, FAAN, CSP : I deliver with authenticity and humor. I meet with the planner in advance, interview potential attendees, and customize my message to meet their current and ongoing learning needs. I offer action steps that work!

Pegine MSW, CSP, Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame : 1. GET LASTING AUDIENCE RESULTS -They receive actionable content. Techniques, strategies and behavior changes that increase profits, increase productivity of your attendees and their employees and teams. Motivational business speaker Pegine provides tools and strategies that attendees can use to increase their leadership effectiveness.

2. CONNECTIONS participants make connections. In a high tech world you want a speaker that can facilitate connections between audience members. Who your audience knows increases their ability to leverage resources, time and talent. Pegine provides opportunities for audiences for them to connect.

3. COMEDY They laugh. Pegine’s hobby was doing stand up comedy and she is trained in improvisational theater. Pegine uses humor, stories and is amazing at incorporating your culture, your unique message into her message.

4. CHARISMA They are engaged. motivational business speaker Pegine engages attendees with her charisma . Her energy, enthusiasm and kick butt attitude engages audiences immediately. She says what needs to be said in a way that audience respond to with enthusiastic applause.

5. CALL OUTS & CADENCE They receive and remember the shout outs, call outs and cadences. Audiences use them long after her presentations to stay focused on the goals, based on military cadences and call outs. Pegine utilizes them to imprint key points into her audiences, so they can recall and use them later, some samples are: • Great Employees Manifest Success • Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success • Out of Sight and Out of Mind, I’ll Make Sure They Remember Mine

6.CAUSE AND EFFECT Audiences utilize the processes and systems taught long after a Pegine Experience—88% of Intel participants said they’re still using Pegine’s tools 6 months later. Audiences apply and use the systems and feel capable using them impacting your ROI.

Gerald DuBose : I help their audiences gain clarity, perspective and confidence in their communication. Their audiences will leave irrevocably transformed.

Gernae Alexander author | keynote | strategist : 1) For business clients who serve entrepreneurs, I help them overcome problems surrounding sales and marketing. I teach their audiences how to use speaking to convert clients and increase their profit margin. I expose the unlimited earning potential it has for entrepreneurs and give them a 6 point framework for starting their own speakers strategy. This systematic strategy provides complete control over their income, becoming able to fund whatever endeavors they are passionate about, and they'll gain freedom to dictate their time as they see fit.

2) For community and corporate clients,  I teach audiences how to activate their courage by giving  them actionable tools for overcoming fear and effective plug-and-play strategies for achieving their goals.

Kevin McFarlane : My passion is to make good nurses great leaders.

As a speaker, coach, trainer, facilitator, how do you make the meeting and/or education planners, the hero of their event?

Neesy Croft ND, RN FNP-r MBA/MHA : They will ask me back because of all the “ahh ha” moments the audience experiences when they see how clear they are going forward on their entrepreneurial journey.

Kelli Pavlish, APRN - NP, BC : I believe in the product. Wholeheartedly. I'm a genuine person and I'm confident the audience can feel that.

Joyce Fiodembo, RN: The focus should not only be on the audience but also on the company & how it will benefit if the audience learns something new.

Renee Matthews MD : The audience will thank them for presenting me to them.

Toni L Brown, MS, M Ed: I relate my spiel to their movement and their audience.  My message is related to their theme and reinforces their message.  I focus on three things, the needs of the audience, program theme and making that connection with my content.

Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI-R, FACW, FAAN, CSP : I make the planner shine by moving from "me" to "we" and I tell great stories. With a servant mindset, I meet and exceed their needs from branding video in advance to follow-up after the event. I work hard to make their lives easier

Pegine MSW, CSP, Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame : Here is what planners tell us why they love working with us [1] my team and I are responsive. We answer your questions and have processes to ensure that planners have what they need and they can give us what we need to be successful [2] We show up the day before and notify the planner on arrival. Pegine never arrives the day of and she never runs out immediately after. Team Pegine plans it that way. [3] We start on time and end on time. Pegine is flexible, if you need her to do something she does it. [4] She meets and greets people before the event. She builds rapport before the event. She doesn't hide in the back. [6] She delivers every time [7] She uses social media to promote the event before and after. [8] She customizes her speech to your audience and local culture.

Gerald DuBose : Planners will be the hero of their events when dealing with me, I support them in their marketing efforts. Understanding what outcomes they are looking for in regard to the event holistically. Then collaborating with them to ensure the vision is executed. As well as providing their audience with impactful, usable content once I hit the stage.

Gernae Alexander author | keynote | strategist : I apply due diligence in acquiring all pertinent information to make your event a success. I take your objectives for the event and customize an engaging experience for your unique audience.  I present a superior level of customer service by being accessible and responsive, adaptive to change, and delivering the highest caliber of professionalism. I partner with you to promote the event and include highlights on my online platforms. I show up early to the event, lending a hand if necessary, and welcome your guest as they enter the room. No one presentation is ever the same, because I embed your requests and the unique needs of the audience to create an event they won't soon forget. Your team will celebrate your selection for a speaker as I make working with me convenient, simple, and an enjoyable process for everyone.

Kevin McFarlane : I often give credit to the organizers and local support for bringing the education to them in the first place.

What would happen if this problem was not solved?

Neesy Croft ND, RN FNP-r MBA/MHA : by having a conversation with you..and finding the right seed to plant, thereby saving you time money, disappointment and the feeling of continuous failure

Kelli Pavlish, APRN - NP, BC : Traditional medicine will continue to fail our country.

Joyce Fiodembo, RN: This has never happened because there is always something new my audience learns. However, Follow up sessions is what I would recommend.

Renee Matthews MD : People don't have good health and wellness they can't be as productive.

Toni L Brown, MS, M Ed: If this problem is not solved then we have failed as an educator, as a transformer.  We wouldn’t have provided products that actually transform our clients.  People will seek others to solve their problem and we will have to continue with working one-to-one verses one-to-many to fill in any blanks, which is a waste of time for all parties involved.  We, as education deliverers, miss the opportunity to leverage our time and grow our business, leading to limit income growth opportunities.

Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI-R, FACW, FAAN, CSP : I would not be invited back; I believe in superior customer service and delivering on my promises. Much of my work is referral business. That said, we need to realize as speakers that we all make mistakes; it is how we overcome them that makes or breaks us.

Pegine MSW, CSP, Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame : If audiences do not know how to lead in a diverse world there are serious implications [1] People leave managers and leaders who are not aware, not engaged and not supportive of their teams [2] Mid level women leaders leave organizations because they are not valued and heard [3] A lack of diversity in senior ranks means that the thoughts, ideas, innovation and leverage to engage the customer decision maker are off track and lacking. Same thinking leads to same results. Innovative thinking leads to growth. To be innovative you need diverse thought and experience to expand the innovation pool of thought.

Gerald DuBose : If leaders in the workplace can't communicate the mission of where a company is heading workplace cultures will sour leading to a decline in production. Which ultimately leads to a decline in revenue. If the visionaries of companies, that can improve the world's quality of life, can't communicate that vision, that improvement may never come to be. Due to an inability to convey the idea in a succinct effective manner. Innovators that could inspire a movement in an industry will become mere afterthoughts if they can't communicate in a way that moves people.

Gernae Alexander author | keynote | strategist : 1) As a result of unresolved issues related to sales and marketing, some entrepreneurs may struggle financially because they can't find a strategy that suits their natural abilities, or they lack the communication skills necessary to be effective in complex strategies. They will be forced to adapt to other methods, and be completely reliant on someone else to manage their sales and marketing for them.

2) If audiences aren’t taught how to command their emotions, they will be ruled by them. A person who allows fear, anger, and procrastination to dictate their actions, will not be able to attain the level of success they are seeking in their life or career. They will be easily manipulated by others who take advantage of emotional vulnerability, and will not be able to rationalize why they are “stuck” in the same place year after year.

Kevin McFarlane : Nurses who are not well prepared for their leadership roles are at high risk for burnout. By providing a little support and training we can better retain critical leadership roles. Those leaders will then serve nursing as a whole.

To recap, what are your most sought after topics and how can someone reach out to you?

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Kelli Pavlish, APRN - NP, BC : Website My knowledge of preventing and treating disease by using advanced laboratory testing, will improve the lives of your patients and improve your patients' satisfaction with your practice.

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